I have always been curious about how a dented car reflects one’s personality. What kind of impression or impact do I make on people when they see my car, the model, the color, and the dents or even better, the location of the dents? Should it affect me? Does this really define whether Am a person is successful or just mediocre? I am writing this article for two reasons: I’d like to understand the psychology behind why we choose a specific model and color and the other is the social stigma that is brought about.


Car Models And Success

When I was still employed, the companies I worked with provided company cars based on your level or rank in the office. As I grew more successful, my 1.5L car was replaced by a 2.0L Subaru Forrester. To be honest, it made me feel successful and proud driving this sleek SUV. My colleagues who have been in the company longer than I have, but had lower positions were salivating with envy when they see my drive and park my car – in my own reserved parking space at work. Yes, it made me feel powerful and successful. After which, I moved to another company which provided me a 2.5L Toyota Fortuner. Although the price range was pretty close to the Subaru, I still received a lot of positive feedback from friends as this model was bigger and seemed more powerful. But unexpectedly, I got laid off and realized I didn’t have a personal car. I couldn’t afford to buy the SUVs previously given me so I ended up buying a secondhand, 6-year old Totoya Altis with a 1.6L engine. I am happy I have a car I can call my own, but of course it doesn’t give the same “oohs” and “aahs” reaction from friends and former colleagues. But I am proud to have a car I can call my own and fully paid for.


Car Dented – Locations And Attitude

Based on my experience car dents reflect a lot about out character

  • Front bumper – “me-first” attitude
  • Back bumper – slowpoke
  • Driver’s side – pre-occupied or multi-tasker
  • Passenger’s side – anticipates or worrier


My View On Car Color And Personality Traits

Her are just a few popular car colors and what it says about one’s personality:

  • Red – passionate has a take charge personality
  • Blue – values relationships
  • Black – embodies power and authority
  • Brown – Reliable
  • Green – conscientious and balanced
  • Yellow – Confident and fun


Our cars really do speak something of us, which is why I really don’t like it when it gets dented.


Car Types And You

Dented Car RepairBefore, I had no idea that the model you drive can also be segmented based on age, lifestyle, gender and phase in life. A family man or woman drives a van. Younger men are driven by younger, aggressive macho men. A convertible and a jeep is for more expressive, dislikes rules and fun-loving individuals. Luxury cars like a Mercedes or Lexus are for status-conscious people. Research shows that only women are fond of giving their car nicknames. Men are more interested in the technical specifications of the cars they drive which they can enumerate at a drop of a hat.

What do you think of my car type and association personality analysis above? Are my car dented views the same with yours?