There are dented car repairs which you could easily do yourself. Your auto repair guy is not the only guy who could handle the dings and dents on your car. You could actually repair and take care of it by just needing a few common tools. After learning this few simple tricks, you could be pro at car dent repairs already. I came across a set of methods for doing simple dent removal and find it, very suitably, a task for newbie.

A Word About PDR

Paint less dent repair or sometimes also paint less dent removal is a set of known and practical methods of getting rid of minor dents in your car. Paint less dent repair could handle small and also large dents. If the damage is nowhere near the edge of panel then PDR is still effective. Most importantly if paint is not cracked then you could still apply this set of technique instead of calling for your local auto repairman. This technique of dent repair is extremely capable of leaving no traces of old dents. The most basic of the paint less dent repair is simply a do-it-yourself thing. I don’t have to get certified for PDR skills since there are a lot of easy steps in removing dents.


Basic Method

The most basic method requires using a plunger. To do this, you will gently pull the cup from the wrinkly metal, and repeat it until it pops back to its shape. I find some discomfort in using anything that come and goes out of the toilet, but anyone could prefer special suction cup instead of your old toilet plunger.


Mallet For Dented Car

Dented Car RepairAnother method is the mallet method. If your car is reachable from underneath or behind you could use a rubber mallet. It is more appropriate to use rubber mallet which is the same size as the dents. Be careful in hammering too much force from behind the dent. If you poked too much you could actually create another dent on the other side of the metal. If this happens, the metal memory of your car will be replaced by the newer dent shape. I’m not entirely nerd about alloys and metal memory. But actually your car has some intelligence, and quite remembers its original shape before you got a dent. Your car’s metal memory is filled in when it is shaped during the production. This is done with high temperature. It’s crucial not to replace your car’s metal memory by carelessly poking the mallet everywhere there are dents. It’ll be more difficult to restore the body back to its shape if you’ve acquired another dent in trying to do so.


When Not To DIY A Dented Car

Dented Car RepairUnless your car had an ugly dent that totally caved inside, you don’t need to call the auto repair man to put back your car in shape. But for some dents that are along your car’s body-line, and look really messed up, you need professional service. This kind of dent is called crease-type dent. Crease-type dents are caused by car accidents. Sometimes, this kind of dent is even impossible to restore with dented car repair methods.